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Just as the Lord spoke these defining words to the Apostle Peter, so he spoke in the heart of New Destiny's founding father, Bishop Douglas Williams. Though serving in the fields of Baltimore, Maryland, and Washington, DC, pastoring two churches, Bishop still heard the voice of the Lord about establishing a work in Edgewood, Maryland. Years earlier in the late 1970s and earlywilliams 1980s, somewhat like Moses, seeing the affliction of his brethren, Bishop set about evangelizing the Edgewood area. The strategy included door-to-door witnessing, outdoor concerts and anointed preaching. Among the evangelistic teams of the day were a young minister, Allen Bryant, and occasionally Sylvia White. Little results seemed to come of this gallant effort for the Kingdom of Christ.

In 1990 that young minister, now an ordained elder, acknowledged his call to pastor, but faithfully served his leader, Bishop James Harris, Redeemed Assembly of Jesus Christ, Richmond, Virginia. It wasn't until 1997 when the elder received release from the Lord and his pastor to pursue his call. After prayerfully considering the available options, Elder Bryant accepted the challenge of the Edgewood vineyard. He packed up his wife and children and moved to Edgewood to minister. That was August 1997.

Bishop Williams called together a group of people who were living in Edgewood who commuted to Baltimore and/or Washington, DC, to worship. He introduced them to a husband and wife ministry team who moved to the area to start church. The people were receptive to the idea of having a ministry in their area and agreed to give the Bryants a chance. The Bryants started having weekly prayer and Bible study in the home of a local couple who willingly opened their doors. It wasn't long before the ministry began to grow.

Fast forwarding to August 2007, NDEC now resides in its own edifice, nestled on top of the hill at 2080 Trimble Road in Edgewood – prophecy manifested!

After ten years of diligent work for the Lord, NDEC is still continuing strong. With one successful decade behind them, NDEC is still committed to their God-ordained mission to be a city of praise set out to win the lost and bring restoration to the body of Christ for the advancement of the kingdom for numerous decades to come!

Drs. Allen & Sylvia Bryant
Dr. Allen & Sylvia Bryant
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